Math and Music

Math and Music

Aurin and Miraculum Foundation
Math and Music – Ma.Mu
May 2024 – 
Project coordination, Print design, Communication, Photography, Videography


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Divisart is proud to be a key player in the international Erasmus+ project, “Math and Music” (Ma.Mu.) for Aurin and Miraculum Foundation. This innovative educational initiative seeks to combine the worlds of mathematics and music to create an engaging and inclusive learning environment, particularly for students with dyscalculia. Partnering with schools from Greece and North Macedonia, and led by the Italian Association Bellezza DIeCI, Ma.Mu. represents a significant step forward in interdisciplinary education.

At Divisart, our involvement in the Ma.Mu. project spans several crucial areas:

Project coordination and administration

  • Project coordination: We oversee the smooth execution of the project in Hungary, ensuring all activities align with the overall objectives and timelines.
  • Administration: Handling all administrative tasks, including documentation, scheduling, and liaising with other project partners, to ensure efficient project management.

Design and development

  • Material design: Creating visually appealing and pedagogically effective materials, such as music exercises and presentations, based on the project’s guidelines.
  • Creative content: Developing engaging music exercises that integrate mathematical concepts, making learning enjoyable and accessible for students with dyscalculia.

Communication and documentation

  • Media production: Capturing high-quality photos and videos during project activities to document progress and success.
  • Public relations: Managing all communication efforts in Hungary, including press releases, social media updates, and community engagement activities to keep stakeholders informed and involved.
The Ma.Mu project has a far-reaching positive impact on society, particularly in the field of education:

Supporting students with dyscalculia

By integrating music into math education, the project offers new learning pathways for students who struggle with traditional methods. This not only improves their academic performance but also boosts their confidence and engagement.

Empowering educators

Providing teachers with innovative tools and methods to teach mathematics, fostering a more inclusive and effective educational environment.

Cultural exchange and collaboration

Facilitating international collaboration and cultural exchange, the project promotes mutual understanding and shared learning among the participating countries.

Our materials are constantly updated:
dyscalculia and music presentation
Dyscalculia - Math and Music

Miraculum Youth Concert Series

Miraculum Youth Concert Series

Aurin and Miraculum Foundation
Miraculum Youth Concert Series 2022-23
May 2022 – September 2023
Project coordination, Print design, Tender writing, Communication, Photography




Project background

The Miraculum Children’s Choir, established in 1998 at the Kodály School in Kecskemét under the leadership of László Durányik, has gained international acclaim through numerous choir competition victories. Comprised of children aged 11-14, the choir is deeply embedded in a rigorous music education environment, including daily music lessons, instrument training, and extensive choir rehearsals. Historically, the choir has also participated in domestic and international tours, enriching their musical experience.

To further cultivate the choir’s musical development and community engagement, the choir initiated the Miraculum Youth Concert Series. This project aimed to introduce young musicians to diverse musical genres and professional musicians through a series of concerts and lectures. The program, which had lapsed for several years, was revitalized in 2022 through successful funding from the Hungarian Cultural Fund, secured in collaboration with the Aurin and Miraculum Foundation.

Project implementation

From November 2022 to June 2023, the revitalized Miraculum Youth Concert Series organized six concerts featuring a variety of musical disciplines:

  • Opera singing – Zsuzsanna Ádám soprano
  • Choir ensemble – AcapellArt Singers
  • Chamber music – Musicians of the Kodály School
  • Jazz – Bohém Trio
  • Folk music – Muzsikás Együttes
  • Solo performance – Marcell Csuka accordion

These concerts were accompanied by interactive sessions where the artists shared their professional journeys, challenges, and experiences. This direct interaction provided the young audience with invaluable insights into the world of professional music.

Community engagement and accessibility

The project was designed to be inclusive and accessible. Affordable season tickets were offered, allowing entire families to attend all concerts for a single price. This approach not only encouraged family involvement but also broadened the children’s exposure to different musical styles and professional narratives.

Creative contributions

Our role extended beyond organizing the events to include all visual and promotional materials. This encompassed the design and production of graphic materials, flyers, and tickets, as well as comprehensive documentation through photography at each event. These efforts not only ensured the project’s smooth operation but also highlighted our capability as a creative agency skilled in visual communication and event documentation. Additionally, this concert series was part of our choir family’s 25th anniversary event series, with background elements showcasing the “25”.

Outcomes and impact

The Miraculum Youth Concert Series was met with enthusiastic participation and positive feedback from both the children and their parents. The series successfully bridged the gap between young learners and professional musicians, fostering a deeper appreciation and understanding of various musical fields. The project’s success underscored our commitment to nurturing youth through music programs and our expertise in creative and organizational capacities.


The Miraculum Youth Concert Series stands as a testament to our dedication to youth development and cultural enrichment. By blending musical education with creative visual storytelling and effective project management, we provided a unique platform for young musicians to explore and connect with the broader musical community. The project’s success reaffirms our mission to inspire and educate the next generation through innovative and engaging cultural initiatives.