• Planning and implementing communication campaigns for cultural projects

  • Designing the full offline communication (strategy) of art programs and cultural events (invitations, flyers, business cards, posters, menus, certificates., etc.)

  • Designing and implementing online communication campaigns (web design, web programming, web editing and content management, banners, social media)

  • Designing and editing publications for individual artists as well as groups

  • Photographing events, performers, editing PR materials and publications

  • Developing CSR strategy for companies

Communication campaigns

  • definition of the appropriate communication strategy
  • select targeted media (offline, Online)
  • corporate image elements:

logo, business card, letterhead, folder, rollup, notebook, paper bag, webdesign

  • project related items:

invitation cards, flyers, posters, banners, tickets, diplomas, menu cards, souvenirs

  • writing press releases
  • taking press photos
  • compiling press lists
  • liaising with representatives of both domestic and international media
  • social media presence, advertising campaigns (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc.)
  • Google campaigns
  • targeted banner placements
  • web design, programming and editing
  • Search Engine Optimization

Events commmunication


photo shoot of cultural events, concert photo, portrait photo


multiple camera recordings, drone recordings, expert staff, director, professional cut, video-related communication campaigns

Press communications

writing press releases, taking press photos, compiling press lists, liaising with representatives of both domestic and international media

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